The Tech Deck

The Tech Deck


Welcome to the Tech Deck! The main goal of this page is to document what technology I have with information on them for your viewing pleasure. Maybe this might host other nerdy content but for now you can look around.

A lot of these links go nowhere as they are placeholders but to navigate, you can use the sidebar on the left to pick what you want to preview which will open in a 'iframe'. That is what this page is nested in. It is a way to embed a page inside the current page so it is very useful for not having several tabs open when wanting to view.

The downside? If you do ever want to open it in a new tab you have to right click the link and open it in a new tab that way, or hold it down on a mobile device until it opens in a new tab, so these pages will have the html link if you ever wish to reference a page.

As for why I redesigned the Tech Deck? I wanted something more cooler, plus the idea came to me in a dream.

If you ever want to come back to this page you can click on 'Welcome Page'. If you want to go back to the Mainframe's index page, you can click on 'Back to the Mainframe index page'.

What tiling background does this use?

It's using the one called "24517" from Mac OS 7.5.3. Kinda looks like real tiles doesn't it? Some pages may use different backgrounds because why not?

Full directory tree of my emulation folder.

On my PC I have a emulation folder full of iso files and such. This is a full directory tree of how it is now. You may need to open it in a new tab for it to work.

For an over of whats in this folder and other info:

  • Roughly 257 ISO files. These take up the most space
  • Roughly 600 IMG files
  • Maybe some source code for older Linux distros
  • Some emulators such as 86box, MAME, LisaEM, Darkstar and Arculator
  • A zip file of DOS malware source code
  • 111,442 Files in total
  • 9,898 Folders in total
  • And takes up 838GB on my 6TB hard disk but since I use compression, it gets compressed to 432GB