The Mainframe

March 1st, 2024 Update

March 1st, 2024 Update: The long needed updates and more stuff!

The last time I did an update page for my site was way back in May 18th in 2023. Now that was like 9 months ago! There was a period of time in 2023 when I stalled working on my site because I lost motivation but I ended up getting in back, so that is a good thing! There are a few good and bad things which have happened over the past year til now so I might as well outline what has happened below:

The Good

  • I graduated high school! What a wild school year 2023 was ranging from losing motivation with even doing my school work to the IT guys trying to block me from accessing both Mastodon and Matrix. I still won, losers!
  • I moved my Mastodon account over from to due to the Mastodon version it was running being not really updated (I mean come on, we're at version 4.2.8 already going by the Github repo and you are still on version 4.0.15 which has reached EOL) and because of the whole Meta Threads thing.
  • My OS-tan fanon/universe has a dedicated section on my site! It was originally going to be hosted on Wordpress but I ran into errors and stuff that just would not work so I moved everything over to my site instead. Hopefully all the content has been moved over and works by now.
  • The site now has a robots.txt file which should tell the AI scraping bots to go yeet themselves. I dunno if GitHub Pages follow a robots.txt file but it is better than nothing.
  • A section has been added to the server rack with retro tech Youtubers I recommend. I don't actually watch a lot of youtube myself but I thought it would be neat to have regardless.
  • The main page has a RSS feed thing on the main page when you first visit my site. I haven't really played around with it much so it could or could not work at this time. It is most likely not going to work but whatever.

The Bad

  • I am no longer at a certain place which I promoted the creation of. This was due to a misunderstanding that led to me assuming something that was never really clarified until the end when stuff seemed "heated".
  • More people seem to hate me but eh. More people to avoid I guess while I get accused of being "innocent".