The Mainframe

September 20, 2022 Update

May 18, 2023 Update: Introduction of The Writer's Desk and Server Rack

I have decied to rework my site a bit which is now resulting in two new sections being created, those being The Writer's Desk and Server Rack. As for what they are for...:

The Writer's Desk

The writer's Desk is a new section dedicated to anything related to worldbuilding and such as it is one of those things I enjoy. Although I used to be wary of sharing my ideas I hope to put some advice here. Some links from the useful links section will be moved here.

Server Rack

If you thought the Tech Deck was the tech dedicated section to my site, you're incorrect. That was only for sharing what technology I had so I made the Server Rack to fix the problem. Here, you will find the reviews & guides moved here as two seperate sections and some of the useful links.

Consider this a site overhaul as well as I clean up the way links are named. This may result in redirects being broken so if you spot something is not working well, please contact me.

Some pages may not be ready right away either as I work on it.