The Mainframe

September 20, 2022 Update

Sepetember 20, 2022 Update: The site got an update!

When I first made this site it originally looked like some plain HTML which was this. Not much, right? It wasn't until after looking at a friend's site and getting suggestions that I decided to remake it using some nice Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). At first, I was going to make CSS from scratch but realised this would be too much of a feat for me so I resorted to using a template (the credits can be found at the bottom of each page). Some stuff may still be broken as I tinker with some things. For a list of changes...:

  • The site got some new sections added to such as reviews section that will be used to review OSes for fun and compare them to their older versions if they have any and a guides section for guides I make for fun.
  • The collection section which used to exist no longer exists for now until I can self-host my site.
  • A section for old updates was added.