November 25, 2022 Update

The Mainframe

November 25, 2022 update: More pages and extras!!

The last time the site got more stuff was in November with the new CSS for all sections of the site. Lately I have been adding more things to the site to make it more... fancy in a way. What are those updates you ask? Below are the new updates.

  • Modified the About me to have a CRT effect. You can see the code for it here. The flicker effect is disabled if the visitor has prefers-reduced-motion set.
  • Finally added the the Tech Deck for my collection of tech.
  • One of the personal projects sections, Guardians of the School is now working. Updates there will be slow as I gather all my notes for it to add to the section itself.
  • Added the corkboard for mostly 88x31 web buttons. You can suggest more buttons to add by making an issue on the repo itself.
  • On most the pages you can copy the code for my web button to add it to your site.
  • Added favicons which should work but most likely wont because Github Pages is a shit sometimes.
  • Some other stuuf that I can't remember at the top of my head was added too. Those are most likely minor things.

So what else is there to add now?

I'm not sure on what else I will add to the site. Maybe a radio? Or a blatherings page? Who knows. I guess we will have to wait as time tells. Thankfully Dreamweaver as built-in git intergration so uploading and updating pages to my site should be more streamlined as I am not having to open a web browser to add the new pages as I once was before. Less pain on my PC!