Personal Projects and other things

The Mainframe

Personal Projects

Over the past several years I have had personal projects like every other person out there may have, but most of mine are worldbuilding projects and wil have their own sections on the site.

  • Guardians of the School: Perhaps a bit of a generic name for this project. A lot more info can be found on the section it has for itself.
  • Time Goes By: More of a space themed thing inspired by a flash game I play.
  • Warrior Dragons: The first of my projects I started when I was younger. Has mostly been sitting in the dust as I grew out of it.
  • A more recent project that I have slowly put toegther with the help of some friends online. It's a OS-tan project that focuses on more of the fanon side of stuff while not being restricet by a canon.
  • The Tech Deck: My collection of tech, old and new.
  • The corkboard: A section for web buttons and etc.
  • /var/log: My blog

Other things

This is just other stuff that isn't really a person project but stuff like the blog which is different from the updates.