Useful Links

The Mainframe

OS stuff

This section has links to stuff related to operating systems and such.

  • English-Language Linux Distributions: List of some linux distros. I use this to find names of old distros to figure out their names, locate them and use
  • Collection of OSes and software from various vendors. Has A/UX 0.7 source code
  • Some distros. Appears to be old ones and has some like Blade and UBOS
  • Yggdrasil Linux CD-ROMs. Will need MS-DOS with CD-ROM support to view these and make a boot floppy with rawrite. Site also has some public domain CD images such as the 'Simtel-20 Archives' and 'The Complete GNU Software Library'
  • Has some historic Linux distros such as Erposs and LST
  • Some operating system archive. Also has apps and documentation
  • SIMH: A simulator for historic computer systems. It also has software kits for OSes like DOS-15 and OS/8 and to be used with their simulator itself
  • CTO: Operating Systems: A list of some OSes. Not just Linux ones as it has redirects for microkernel-based OSes (YCX2, chaOS, etc) and Unix/UNIX-like OSes (Lites, THix, etc)
  • Server operating system technical comparison: Some other site for server OSes. Has info for OSes like BOS/360 and MCP
  • A list of some Linux distros. Says Corel Linux is still active when it is not LOL
  • Some old Linux distros
  • distro archive
  • Freecode (formerly Freshmeat). A place to get mainly open-source software for programmers and developers. Is only in an archived state but has 483 projects tagged "Operating Systems", 307 projects tagged "Linux Distributions" and many more. As of 2022 and on this page redirects to SourceForge. I guess they punted the dormant state and made the link go somewhere else
  • Mac OS 9/7.6.1 for Windows/Mac OS for OS X/macOS: A site to get a premade Mac OS 9 sheepshaver install for Windows, OS X and macOS. Has to be installed on a computer to run. It also has System 7.6.1 under Basilisk II for Windows, OS X and I believe macOS too. There is also Mac OS 8.
  • Virtual x86: x86 virtualization in your browser, recompiling x86 to wasm on the fly
  • Archimedes Live!: A web version of the Acron Archimedes that is based on the Arculator code to make it more accessible to people who wanted to try it out without having to download and configure an emulator.

The technology stuff

Tech stuff! Well, more of computer systems and such. Some of these links redirect to retro computer ads and info pages so they can be useful if you want to do some research.

  • Site has some retro computer ads. The site says "A history of the microcomputer industry in 300 adverts".
  • Someone's personal collection of computers. Has stuff like the Unisys 4336dx and Digital Venturis 5100.
  • DVQ.COM: Another site with a personal computer collection. It has mainframes, microcomputers and minicomputers. Also has retro computer ads.
  • Digibarn: Digibarn! They have all sorts of computers here and a lot of them too!
  • Computer Ads from the Past: It is what the site name says. Computer ads from the Past newsletter archive.
  • Tons of info on some early personal computers/SBC.

Stuff I use for school

This section contains links to sites I use to help with school:

Stuff I use working on my site

Well, I use a pirated version of Dreamweaver as I refuse to pay Adobe money and Dreamweaver is the only one I can find that has a live preview. Of course I am not going to link where I got my copy from but I use other sites for working on my site:

  • Sadness's tiled backgrounds: I get some of my tiled backgrounds from here. The Guardians of the School page uses one from there and the blog uses another.
  • Another place where I get tiled backgrounds. The Corkboard uses one from here.
  • Some CSS templates. They also have CSS layouts and navigation menus.


Um... miscellaneous stuff I guess. These are more of links that need to be sorted out later.

  • Vimm's Lair: Site is dedicated to nostalgia for many of the greatest game consoles ever made.
  • provides services, tools and privacy guides to counter global mass surveillance. Established in 2015 after Edward Snowden's revelations and is now the most popular guide for Privacy Tools.
  • largest archive of old programs in Runet (23073 files). Site is in Russian so you will need to translate it.