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Welcome to The Mainframe!

The Mainframe is a place for me to upload my guides and reviews for people who are interested in mainly vintage technology but this site caters to people who use modern technology and operating systems too. On the top are some links which can guide you around the site. This site was origianlly going to have a template and such made from scratch however I decided that doing so would take a lot of effot and time so I decided to grab an already exisitng template. The site might end up much neater but for now take what I have to offer.

Webmaster the updates for your site aren't showing!

I guess you can say this is common with my site as it is hosted on github pages.

First, you should refresh the page with ctrl + r if you are on Windows or command + r if you are a Apple user. F5 usually works too.

If the first thing doesn't work for you. you should clear your browser's cache. Github uses CDN caching for pages so there is a small delay for changes to be reflected on the actual page. If you don't know how to clear your browser's cache check this site out (or you can look it up on a search engine if your broswer isn't there and uses a different method).