MARCHintosh 2023

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MARCHintosh 2023

Sinclair-Speccy: "Oh hey it's the 1st of March"

My friend: "Nice! Looking forward to Marchintosh? 👀"

In hindsight, no, I was not looking foward to it. I had no actual Apple computer running Mac OS or a classic Mac anywhere in my house to even partake for MARCHintosh

What is MARCHintosh?

As an extract from the offical MARCHintosh site...:

With the success of such events as DOScember and SEPTandy, why shouldn't the Macintosh retrocomputing community have their own month to share their passion for classic Macintosh computers? MARCHintosh has been an exciting online event since it's creation in 2021. We're excited to continue this tradition in 2023!

And that's where you come in...

We're asking that content creators from all communities and platforms - even folks who don't normally produce Macintosh retrocomputing content - work together to help spread the word about #MARCHintosh - a month-long event starting on Wedesday, March 1st 2023.

I had no plans to partake in MARCHintosh at all until on the 7th of March I remembered the Twiggy Mac prototype existed and could be emulated...

The Twiggy Mac and Sony Test pre-release version of System 1

Trying to emulate this stuff isn't too hard. You can grab the files for emulation from Toasty Tech

This is the Sony Test version. I didn't get many screenshots of this as it was not interesting much.

Mac Paint that came with the Tiwggy Mac stuff.

I wonder what the context of the cat person is for.

Trying to exit it would crash the Mac lol.

More screenshots for #MARCHintosh of the Twiggy Mac :)

Even more stuff

There seems to be a thing called "journal" but I am unsure on what it does. It has "Record", "Play" and "Stop" along with "Exit" but trying to click any of them seems to crash the machine.

Why is not not a review post? Not really worth a review noting that I have so few screenshots plus Toasty Tech has a better review of both the Sony Test and Twiggy Mac.