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The family PC! This desktop has been around since I was a little kid, and it was my first introduction to computers. At the time in the wonderful years of the 2000s and 2010s, it ran XP.


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It has 1GB of RAM which was a bit large for XP at the time, smells horribly of cigarettes as my dad is a smoker, two CD-ROM drives that are jammed, and a 465GB hard disk. I attempted to upgrade the RAM but got the wrong type of RAM as it uses DDR2 SDRAM and not DDR3 or whatever it was that I had purchased. As for the form factor of the motherboard the PC uses, it is a microATX. The PC also has a Pentium CPU which I believe is a Core 2 Duo (the same as my iMac, heh). The maximum RAM the PC can have is 2GB.... there is not much to say about this PC.

The PC originally ran Windows XP with service pack 1 but was upgraded to XP with service pack 3.

Pictures and videos

Inside of the XP machine.

The inside of the computer itself. You may be able to tell it is a bit dusty... needs a cleaning.

PC booting up with BIOS and stuff...

Loading the desktop. There are no speakers so you can't hear the startup sound.

A pictire of Windows Messenger with the .NET messenger service.

Good ol Windows Messenger with the .NET messenger service. Sounds like something from a long time ago doesn't it? Like when .Mac used to be around. If you think the images are cropped they are not. These were taken on my phone.

Flash in the system settings.

It still has Flash installed despite Flash being dead now. Thanks Steve Jobs for killing Flash.

Winrar asking for moeny. Now who pays for Winrar when 7zip is free?

Imagine paying for Winrar. I assume everyone tried to avoid that when possible, like paying for Adobe products!


Some minesweeper. Always sucked at this.


Solitaire! Did you know pressing Alt + Shift + 2 during game play would give you a instant win?

A using Windows Movie Maker for a dumb edit.

Can’t forget Windows Movie Maker too.

Other stuff



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